Literature Review

When to Perform Invasive EEG on Surgical Candidates With Epilepsy

An International Group issues recommendations on efficacy and cost benefits.


The precise indications for intracranial electroencephalography (IEEG) remain unresolved and vary among epilepsy surgical centers. The International League Against Epilepsy has issued recommendations on the diagnostic usefulness of IEEG that discuss the application of a variety of modalities and that provide a consensus among experts on its efficacy, safety, ease, and cost benefits. The goal of the guidelines is to reduce over- and underuse of IEEE while at the same time allowing flexibility among the epilepsy centers that perform the procedure.

Jayakar P, Gotman J, Harvey AS et al. Diagnostic utility of invasive EEG for epilepsy surgery: Indications, modalities, and techniques. Epilepsia. 2016;57(11):1735-1747.

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