Literature Review

Do Epilepsy-related Mutations Make Patients Depressed?

The prevalence of depression is greater among relatives of patients with epilepsy


Among relatives of patients with epilepsy, the prevalence of depression is greater among those who believe they have an increased risk of epilepsy because they may have inherited an epilepsy-related mutation. Shawn T. Sorge and his colleagues reached that conclusion after surveying 417 individuals in 104 families in which 4 persons per family had the disease on average. On the other hand, individuals with epilepsy seemed less troubled by the diagnosis: The likelihood of having depression was not related to any potential epilepsy-related mutation among persons who already have epilepsy.

Sorge ST, Hesdorffer DC, Phelan JC, et al. Depression and genetic causal attribution of epilepsy in multiplex epilepsy families. Epilepsia. 2016;57(10):1643-1650.

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