Literature Review

AAN Revises Epilepsy Update Quality Measurement Set

New and revised evidence-based recommendations



The American Academy of Neurology’s Epilepsy Update Quality Measurement Set workgroup retired 3 of the 2009 recommendations; revised 5 recommendations; and added 2 more. The new quality measurement set includes:

At each encounter:

o Specify seizure frequency and intervention

o Specify etiology, seizure type, and epilepsy syndrome

o Ask about side effects of antiepileptic therapy and offer intervention

Once a year:

o Provide personalized epilepsy safety issue and education

o Counsel women of childbearing potential with epilepsy

Every 2 years:

o Refer treatment-resistant epilepsy to comprehensive epilepsy center

Fountain NB, Van Ness PC, Bennett A, et al. Quality improvement in neurology: epilepsy update quality measurement set. Neurology. 2015;84(14):1483-1487.

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