Managing Your Practice

Managing Your Practice

Should you continue to participate in Medicare?

Since writing about the new MACRA bureaucracy, and the Morton’s Choice facing private practitioners between Scylla (the Merit-based Incentive...

Managing Your Practice

How will Donald Trump change health care?

Much speculation has already been written on what a Trump administration may look like, but comparatively little has been said about the potential...



Since yet another significant percentage of your Medicare reimbursements will be at risk under this new bureaucracy, an introduction to MACRA is...

Managing Your Practice

Don’t forget about OSHA

Given the bewildering array of new bureaucracies that private practices have been forced to contend with in recent years, it’s easy to forget...

Managing Your Practice

Resolving patients’ complaints

For most physicians, the resolution of patients’ complaints ranks second only to firing an employee on the Least Favorite Tasks List.