Hard Questions


We met in the hospital, but I was adamant to “keep” you as my patient when you got to the clinic. I made swaps to see you, to get the continuity I...

From the Editor


Ambition is overrated. The ambitious find it harder to accept failure, and some degree of failure is likely.


Is there a (robotic) doctor in the house?

Research published by Washington University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Adaptive Systems (CASAS) describes a technology that aims to help...

Law & Medicine

Office of Inspector General

Health care fraud, waste, and abuse consume some 10% of federal health expenditures.


How I became a better doctor

Dr. Richard W. Cohen describes how his experience as a patient changed his perspective on practicing medicine.

Law & Medicine

‘Time lost is brain lost’

The plaintiff will typically be disqualified from offering medical testimony, unless there is “common knowledge.”