Letter from the Editor

Acute pancreatitis, dealing with difficult people, and more


I’m very excited about the first issue of The New Gastroenterologist in 2019, which has some fantastic articles that I hope you will find interesting and useful. The In Focus feature this month covers acute pancreatitis, which is an incredibly important topic for all in our field. Amar Mandalia and Matthew DiMagno (University of Michigan) provide a comprehensive overview of the management of acute pancreatitis, including a review of the recent AGA guideline on this topic. This article can be found online, as well as in print in the February issue of GI & Hepatology News.

Dr. Bryson W. Katona

Rhonda Cole (Michael E. DeBakey VAMC/Baylor) addresses the important topic of how to deal with difficult people, and she provides some useful tips for situations that many of us struggle with. Also in this issue, Rishi Naik (Vanderbilt) and current Associate Editor of Gastroenterology John Inadomi (University of Washington) provide some tips on how to write an effective cover letter for a journal submission. Anna Duloy and Sachin Wani (University of Colorado) provide an overview of the current state of training in advanced endoscopy, which will be very helpful for all those considering a fellowship or incorporation of these procedures into their practices.

For those looking to pick the right private practice position, David Ramsay (Digestive Health Specialists, Winston-Salem, N.C.) provides some useful tips to help you find the job that will be the best fit. In prior issues of The New Gastroenterologist, there have been several articles discussing saving for retirement, but how about how to effectively save for your children’s education? To address that topic, Michael Clancy (Drexel) provides an informative overview of 529 college savings accounts.

Finally, Gyanprakash Ketwaroo (Baylor), Peter Liang (NYU Langone), Carol Brown, and Celena NuQuay (AGA) provide an overview of one of the most important and impactful initiatives from the AGA for the early career community – the AGA Regional Practice Skills Workshops. These workshops are a tremendous resource for early career GIs, and I would recommend that you check one out if you have not already had the opportunity.

If you’re interested in browsing older articles from The New Gastroenterologist, articles from previous issues can be found on our webpage. Also, we are always looking for new ideas and new contributors. If you have suggestions or are interested, please contact me at [email protected] or the managing editor, Ryan Farrell, at [email protected]


Bryson W. Katona, MD, PhD
Editor in Chief

Dr. Katona is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of gastroenterology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

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