AGA Tech Summit

VIDEO: Digital innovation, consumer point of view can solve clinical problems



BOSTON – Carla E. Small, MBA, senior director of innovation at Boston Children’s Hospital, addressed digital health care in a video interview at the AGA Tech Summit, sponsored by the AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology. It is really just providing health care to patients in a digital world, she said, adding that she prefers the term “tech-enabled health care.” One up-and-coming example of this is the use of Alexa-type voice devices to do work and solve small clinical problems. Her program did a nationwide survey of pediatricians and found that half were interested in using voice technology. Artificial intelligence is another area of technology that Boston Children’s is using – in particular, they have created algorithms that help pediatricians analyze brain scans of young children, because so few pediatricians are trained in this area. The innovation program also has taken the digital world to pediatric patients in a program called Health Voyager in which children can take a virtual journey through their own diseased intestinal system.

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