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Thank you to our top Community contributors


2017 was a busy year in the AGA Community, our member-only discussion forum. Some of our favorite discussions included challenging clinical cases you shared, remembering your colleague Dr. Marv Sleisenger and first-hand recaps of AGA’s Advocacy Day experiences.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the conversations in 2017, making the AGA Community a hub for collaboration to ever-expand the field of GI.

Tied for the title of top contributor in 2017 were Dmitriy Kedrin, MD, PhD, of Elliot Hospital in Manchester, N.H., and Sunanda Kane, MD, MSPH, AGAF, of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Both are key influencers in the forum, especially with helping colleagues manage challenging patient cases. Learn more about each contributor and why keeping up with the Community is an important part of their regular routines in this brief Q&A.

Thanks for being such an active member of the AGA Community! Why do you contribute?

Dr. Kane: “You are welcome! I contribute because I feel I have helpful suggestions and recommendations for managing difficult patient scenarios as well as for professional issues.”

Dr. Kedrin: “I think it is important for GI docs to be a part of a larger community, stay informed on latest guidelines, research publications and approaches to difficult cases, where more than one road can be taken. I feel that it is a great forum for someone like me, relatively junior gastroenterologist.”

Why do you enjoy being part of the AGA Community?

Kane: “I feel engaged with my colleagues who I otherwise do not see on a regular basis, and get to ‘meet’ new ones.”

Kedrin: “I find the case discussions informative. I learn a great deal about current trends and opinions on important topics in the GI world.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

Kane: “I enjoy cooking and binge-watching Netflix.”

Kedrin: “I bake bread and run a gastroenterology literature review podcast called ‘GI Pearls.’”

What’s your approach to handling a difficult patient case you come across in your practice?

Kane: “I reach out to as many of my colleagues as I think appropriate who may have some experience or thoughts about how to help a difficult patient.”

Kedrin: “I often seek advice of other clinicians, some with more expertise in a particular area. I also go to the literature and try to learn more that way, help expand my differential as well as figure out the best therapeutic approach.”

Was there a conversation in the AGA Community in 2017 that was your favorite?

Kane: “All conversations have merit, none stick out as a favorite.”

Kedrin: “Oh, there are several. I recall a patient case where there were several thought leaders in the field who had a disagreement about the best approach to treatment. The work-life balance conversation [Early Career Group members only] was also very good. I also enjoyed reading about different opinions regarding the values of randomized versus observational trials that happened a while back.”

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