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Suicide Prevention


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has 3 objectives in addressing suicide: research, education, and advocacy. To help address these objectives, the AFSP provides a robust website ( of fact-based information and ways to connect with the community.

Understanding and coping with a loved one’s suicide is difficult, but anchoring to a supportive community can help. In-person resources may be explored in a zip code function on the homepage or browsing by state. Important life topics, such as “Handling Special Occasions” and “The Financial Aftermath” help clear the fog and tackle these tough topics directly.

The AFSP explains that suicide prevention is “firmly rooted in our understanding of why it occurs.” With that in mind, links to research grants and advocacy efforts are easily accessible in the Preventing Suicide section. There, users can also access information on risk factors and warning signs of suicide as well as AFSP education and prevention programs.

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