IHS Gives Pharmacy Students Hands-On Experience

The IHS partnership with universities proves to be a win-win by providing students with clinical experience and the IHS with access to potential health care providers.


The IHS has partnered with 3 top American universities to give pharmacy students an opportunity to get real-life work experience and potentially careers at IHS facilities.

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In the IHS Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Program, PharmD candidates at Howard University, Purdue University, and the University of Southern California will join students from more than 80 universities in 39 states to complete rotations at IHS direct service facilities. “Many return to start their career in providing quality health care to the American Indian and Alaska Native community,” said Mary Smith, IHS principal deputy director.

“My experience with IHS as a student inspired me to apply to work here when I graduated,” said Fengyee Zhou, now a pharmacist at the IHS Whiteriver Indian Hospital in Arizona. “The level of teamwork among all health care disciplines and the extent to which pharmacists engage in patient care activities brought me back to Whiteriver.”

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The IHS also offers internships, externships, rotations, and residencies to pharmacy, behavioral health, dentistry, optometry, nursing, and medical students.

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