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The Air Force Medical service provides 3 apps to aid veterans with their health and well-being.


The Air Force Medical Service offers 3 mobile applications designed to encourage health and well-being: the Pregnancy Mobile App, the Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia (CEMM) Virtual Medical Center App, and the Wingman Toolkit App.

The Pregnancy Mobile App includes tools such as a pregnancy journal, an appointment manager, and kick and contraction counters. The user can also track health stats, such as biometrics, vitals, labs, ultrasounds, screenings, and vaccinations/immunizations.

The CEMM Virtual Medical Center App has patient education tools, such as a 3D Medical Animation library, Rx drug listing and reminder, adult and childhood immunization lists, and CEMM library. It also provides TRICARE tools, including military treatment facility locator, news feed, and Plan finder.

The Wingman Toolkit App was based on Master Resilience Training to help users “bounce back and recover when facing a difficult issue.” The toolkit also provides just-in-time resources such as quick access to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the DoD Safe Helpline, and the user’s Wingman. Interactive tools include PT test requirements and workout reminders.

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