Aug 2007
Vol. 56
No. 8

Applied Evidence

Clinical Inquiries

  • Clinical Inquiries

    Is guaifenesin safe during pregnancy?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: It’s not clear; little evidence supports or refutes the safety of guaifenesin, a common expectorant, in pregnancy. A small...

  • Clinical Inquiries

    Alcoholic liver disease: Is acetaminophen safe?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: Yes—acetaminophen is a safe and effective analgesic that can be appropriately used for adult patients with stable chronic...

  • Clinical Inquiries

    What’s the best treatment for CIN 2 or 3?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: Excision or ablation of the transformation zone are equally effective for treating an initial diagnosis of cervical...


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