Oct 2012
Vol. 61
No. 10

Applied Evidence

  • Applied Evidence

    Rhabdomyolysis after spin class?

    Two case reports involving the increasingly popular activity of “spinning” underscore the need for proper conditioning and adequate hydration...

  • Applied Evidence

    Diagnosing and treating opioid dependence

    The surge in opioid abuse highlights the importance of questioning patients about their use of prescription analgesics—and knowing when and how to...

  • Applied Evidence

    Postmenopausal bleeding: First steps in the workup

    Is it endometrial cancer? When a postmenopausal woman presents with unexpected vaginal bleeding, this algorithm and review can help you answer...

Clinical Inquiries

  • Clinical Inquiries

    What treatments relieve painful heel cracks?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: Emollient cream may alleviate pain and dryness and improve the appearance of heel cracks (strength of recommendation [SOR...


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