Jan 2023
Vol. 72
No. 1

Applied Evidence

  • Applied Evidence

    Insomnia diagnosis and treatment across the lifespan

    Insomnia impairs quality of life and is associated with an increased risk for physical and mental health problems and substance misuse. Here’s how...

Behavioral Health

Case Reports

Clinical Inquiries

  • Clinical Inquiries

    Does physical exercise reduce dementia-associated agitation?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: Not consistently. Physical exer- cise demonstrates inconsistent benefit for neuropsychiatric symptoms, including agitation...

  • Clinical Inquiries

    Does regular walking improve lipid levels in adults?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: Minimally. Regular moderate- intensity walking for a period of 4 or more weeks minimally decreased total cholesterol (TC)...


Dx Across the Skin Color Spectrum

  • Dx Across the Skin Color Spectrum


    Vitiligo is a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by areas of depigmented white patches on the skin due to the loss of melanocytes in the...

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