Mar 2020
Vol. 69
No. 2

Applied Evidence

  • Applied Evidence

    Conservative care or surgery for rotator cuff tears?

    Selecting the appropriate Tx for the patient’s circumstances— including age, activity level, and the size and depth of the tear—boosts the chances...

  • Applied Evidence

    Avoiding missteps in BP measurement

    Making sure a patient is seated properly is just one way to ensure an accurate measurement. But steering clear of certain methods of measurement...

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Practice Alert

  • Practice Alert

    ACIP vaccination update

    Revisions for HepA concern homelessness, HIV, and vaccine catch-up. MenB booster is advised for those still at increased risk 1 year after...


  • PURLs

    NPH insulin: It remains a good option

    NPH insulin holds its own against basal insulin analogs—and it’s cheaper.

Practice Alert Podcast

  • Practice Alert Podcast

    Coronavirus outbreak: Time to prepare

    The news surrounding the spread of the coronavirus has taken on a tabloid-like quality, with headline after headline striking an increasingly...