Nov 2019
Vol. 68
No. 9

Applied Evidence

Behavioral Health

  • Behavioral Health

    Suicide screening: How to recognize and treat at-risk adults

    Choose a screening tool that focuses on current and past suicidal ideation, intent, and plan, and interview the patient. Plus: Avoid this common...

Case Reports

Clinical Inquiries


  • Commentary

    It’s time to get to know AI

    Artificial intelligence will be widely deployed in clinical tools that improve our diagnostic accuracy and provide better personalized data to...

Photo Rounds


  • PURLs

    Best timing for measuring orthostatic vital signs?

    We typically take a blood pressure within 3 minutes of a patient rising from a supine to a standing position. But is that too long?

  • PURLs

    Supplemental oxygen: More isn’t always better

    A recent study says that in certain populations, supplemental oxygen above certain levels can increase mortality.

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