Oct 2019
Vol. 68
No. 8

Applied Evidence

  • Applied Evidence

    Primary care for the declining cancer survivor

    Asking yourself 1 question can help you to estimate an advanced cancer patient’s prognosis and determine how best to help in setting end-of-life...

Case Reports

Clinical Inquiries


  • Commentary

    Dismantling the opioid crisis

    Dr. John Hickner’s editorial, “Doing our part to dismantle the opioid crisis” (J Fam Pract 2019;68:308) had important inaccuracies.

Photo Rounds

Practice Alert

  • Practice Alert

    Influenza update

    Consider starting vaccination in September or later to avoid waning immunity by the end of the flu season.


  • PURLs

    Can sleep apnea be accurately diagnosed at home?

    A recent study says Yes, and that it offers advantages: It can be scheduled faster, is less expensive, and is more acceptable to many patients...

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