Dec 2017
Vol. 66
No. 12

Applied Evidence

  • Applied Evidence

    Antibiotic overprescribing: Still a major concern

    Antibiotic overuse has far-reaching effects on patients’ general health, as well as possible connections to HIV, diabetes, and obesity. Here’s...

  • Applied Evidence

    The evaluation and management of female sexual dysfunction

    Patients often fail to bring it up, and physicians may be reluctant to discuss it, but ignoring sexual dysfunction can disrupt a woman’s most...

  • Applied Evidence

    Best uses of osteopathic manipulation

    Osteopathic manipulative treatment helps patients with lower back pain. The evidence for its effectiveness with headaches and IBS, however, is...

  • Applied Evidence

    The benefits of physician-pharmacist collaboration

    This collaborative care model can improve the management of patients with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. But implementation has...

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    Does azithromycin have a role in cesarean sections?

    Yes, adding azithromycin to the usual antibiotic protocol in nonelective c-sections reduces infections. But not everyone can take advantage of it...

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