Oct 2016
Vol. 65
No. 10

Applied Evidence

  • Applied Evidence

    A step-wise approach to exertional leg pain

    This review, differential table, and case to test your skills can help you avoid overuse of costly tests and delayed treatment.

  • Applied Evidence

    Menstrual migraines: Which options and when?

    Would your patient benefit from abortive therapy or prophylactic treatment? And which regimen is likely to provide the best—and safest—relief?...

Case Reports

  • Case Reports

    One lab finding, 2 vastly different causes

    While both of these patients had eosinophilia, their diagnoses ended up being quite different. What is the best approach to the diagnosis and...

  • Case Reports

    Epistaxis, mass in right nostril • Dx?

    THE CASE A 49-year-old woman visited our family medicine clinic because she’d had 3 episodes of epistaxis during the previous month. She’d already...

Clinical Inquiries

  • Clinical Inquiries

    Does knuckle popping lead to arthritis?

    EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWER: No, habitual knuckle popping, or cracking (over the course of several decades) isn’t associated with clinical or...


Photo Rounds


  • PURLs

    Monitoring home BP readings just got easier

    This novel method of identifying patients with uncontrolled hypertension correlates well with ambulatory BP monitoring.

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