Renée Matthews
Tel: 240-221-2460
E-mail: rmatthews@mdedge.com

Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director
Mary Jo M. Dales
Tel: 240-221-2470
E-mail: mdales@mdedge.com

Executive Editor
Denise Fulton
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Executive Editor
Kathy Scarbeck
Tel: 240-221-2450
E-mail: kscarbeck@mdedge.com


Jim Chicca, Vice President, Operations
Rebecca Slebodnik, Print Production Director
Maria Aquino, Valerie Carver, Anthony Draper, Production Specialists
Amy Pfeiffer, Digital Publishing Director
Jon Li, Senior Manager, Digital Development
Kevin Shiraldi, Senior Digital Communications Specialist
Kathleen Hendrix, Senior Digital Communications Specialist
Sunita Edwards, Senior Digital Specialist
Michael Groh, James Owen, Junior Digital Developers
Kayla Lenhardt, Schanae Rascoe, Michael Sellers, Jon Whang,
Lee J. Unger, Senior Director, IT
Andrew Mintz, Digital Publishing Strategist, Project Manager
Louise A. Koenig, Creative Director
Kenny Wright, Senior Systems Support Administrator
Elizabeth Byrne Lobdell, Design Supervisor
Bonnie Becker, Buck Insley, Tom Lore, Senior Designers


Senior Director, Business Development
Toni Haggerty
Tel: 973-290-8979
Fax: 972-206-9378
E-mail: thaggerty@mdedge.com

National Account Manager
Kathleen M. Hiltz
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E-mail: khiltz@mdedge.com

National Account Manager
Gina Bennicasa
Tel: 973-290-8221
E-mail: gbennicasa@mdedge.com

Digital Accounts Manager

Rey Valdivia
Phone: (973) 206-8094
E-mail: rvaldivia@mdedge.com

Classified Advertising Account Manager
Heather Gentile
E-mail: hgentile@mdedge.com
Tel: 973-290-8259

Advertising Offices
7 Century Drive
Suite 302,
Parsippany, NJ 07054-4609
Tel: 973-206-3434
Fax: 973-206-9378

Advertising Services Manager
Joan Friedman
Tel: 973-290-8211
Fax: 973-206-9378
E-mail: jfriedman@mdedge.com

Patricia H. Ramsey, Credit Supervisor

Lynne Kalish, Manager, Admin./Conventions

Editorial Offices

2275 Research Blvd. Suite #400
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel: 240-221-2400
Email: cenews@mdedge.com

Address Changes
Fax change of address (with old mailing label) to 973-206-9535. Please provide both old and new mailing addresses or e-mail change to subscriptions@mdedge.com

Print Production Director
Rebecca Slebodnik
Tel: 240-221-2417
E-mail: rslebodnik@mdedge.com

Wright's Media
2407 Timberloch Place
Suite B
The Woodlands, Texas 77386
Toll Free: 877-652-5295
Fax: 281-419-5712
Email: frontline@wrightsmedia.com