Four Patients With Head Trauma

Four patients with head trauma are brought to your emergency department. What condition does each patient's computed tomography scan reveal?


Severe Shoulder Pain After Fall

A 70-year-old woman presents with a severely painful shoulder after a slip and fall in a parking lot. What do these radiographs tell you about her...


Acute Abdominal Pain

Can you diagnose a young man's rapidly worsening abdominal pain based on this ultrasound image?

Clinical Review

What is the Future of Emergency Medicine?

As Emergency Medicine celebrates its 40th anniversary, members of the journal’s editorial board and other thought leaders offer their forecasts...


Left Hip Pain After Fall

After a fall, an elderly woman has hip pain and cannot bear weight. What diagnosis do these radiographs suggest to you?


Left Testicular Pain and Swelling

See if you can determine the cause of a patient's acute left testicular pain and swelling from this ultrasound image.