Kellie DeSantis
Phone: (973) 206-8972
E-mail: kdesantis@mdedge.com


Vice President/Group Publisher
Mark Branca
Phone: (973) 290-8246
E-mail: mbranca@mdedge.com

Director, Business Development
Angela Labrozzi
Phone: (973) 206-8971
Email: alabrozzi@mdedge.com

Digital Accounts Manager
Rey Valdivia
Phone: (973) 206-8094
E-mail: rvaldivia@mdedge.com

Classified Advertising, Senior Sales Director
Tim LaPella
Phone: (484) 921-5001
Fax: (484) 921-5005
E-mail: tlapella@mdedge.com

Advertising Offices
7 Century Drive
Suite 302,
Parsippany, NJ 07054-4609
Tel: (973) 206-3434
Fax: (973) 206-9378

Advertising Services Manager
Joan Friedman
Tel: (973) 290-8211
Fax: (973) 206-9378
E-mail: jfriedman@mdedge.com

Patricia H. Ramsey, Credit Supervisor

Lynne Kalish, Manager, Admin./Conventions

Address Changes
Fax change of address (with old mailing label) to 973-206-9535 or use web form below. Please provide both old and new mailing addresses.

Print Production Manager
Rebecca Slebodnik
Tel: (240) 221-2417
E-mail: rslebodnik@mdedge.com

Wright's Media
2407 Timberloch Place
Suite B
The Woodlands, Texas 77386
Toll Free: (877) 652-5295
Fax: (281) 419-5712
Email: frontline@wrightsmedia.com


Art Director
John J. DeNapoli

Creative Director
Mary Ellen Niatas


Director, Journal Manufacturing
Mike Wendt
Phone: (973) 206-8010
Fax: (973) 206-9535
E-mail: mike.wendt@qhc.com


Subscription Service: 800-480-4851


Stephen Stoneburn, Chairman

Douglas E. Grose, President, Digital & CFO

Alan J. Imhoff, President/CEO

Lee Schweizer, Chief Digital Officer

Amy Pfeiffer, Vice President, Digital Publishing

JoAnn Wahl, President, Custom Solutions

Carol Nathan, Vice President, Custom Programs

Wendy Raupers, Vice President, Custom Solutions

Steven J. Resnick, Senior Vice President, Finance

Carolyn Caccavelli, Vice President, Human Resources & Facility Management

Jim Chicca, Vice President, Operations

Mike Guire, Vice President, Sales

Mark Branca, Vice President, Society Partners

Jared Sonners, Circulation Director

Jim McDonough, Vice President, Marketing & Consumer Advocacy

Lori Raskin, Corporate Director, Research & Communications

Karen J. Clemments, Editorial Director, Clinical

In affiliation with Global Academy for Medical Education, LLC.

Sylvia H. Reitman, MBA, Vice President, Medical Education & Conferences

David J. Small, MBA, Vice President, Events