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VIDEO: Light-based scar treatments improve more than just cosmetic appearance



– Clinicians can offer patients with scarring the potential for more comprehensive improvement thanks to progress in light-based devices and technologies, Kristen M. Kelly, MD, said in a video interview at Skin Disease Education Foundation’s annual Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar.

“Not only can we improve these scars from a cosmetic appearance ... but we can also greatly improve the symptoms that patients have,” such as scar-related stinging, discomfort, and movement restrictions or contractures, said Dr. Kelly of the University of California, Irvine.

In addition, combining light-based therapies with medications applied after the treatments can optimize results, she said.

Dr. Kelly disclosed relationships with multiple companies including Allergan, MundiPharma, Syneron-Candela, Light Sciences Oncology, Novartis, Sciton, and ThermiRF.

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