Aug 2022
Vol. 110
No. 2

Photo Challenge

  • Photo Challenge

    Solitary Pink Plaque on the Neck

    A 17-year-old adolescent girl presented with a solitary, 8-cm, pink plaque on the anterior aspect of the neck of 5 years’ duration. The rash was...

  • Photo Challenge

    Pigmented Papules on the Face, Neck, and Chest

    A 46-year-old woman presented with multiple asymptomatic, flesh-colored, hyperpigmented papules on the face of 5 to 6 months’ duration that were...

  • Photo Challenge

    Pink Nodule Behind the Ear

    A 62-year-old man presented to the dermatology office with a 1.5-cm, pink, rubbery nodule behind the left ear that sometimes was tender. He stated...

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  • Coding

    Audit Proof Your Mohs Note

    Medicare’s updated guidance for documentation of Mohs micrographic surgery includes some new requirements that Mohs surgeons should ensure are...

Residency Roundup

Case Reports

Dermpath Diagnosis

  • Dermpath Diagnosis

    Firm Exophytic Tumor on the Shin

    A 62-year-old man presented with a firm, exophytic, 2.8×1.5-cm tumor on the left shin of 6 to 7 years’ duration. An excisional biopsy was obtained...

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