Feb 2019
Vol. 103
No. 2

Military Dermatology


Case Reports

  • Case Reports

    Clearance of Psoriasis After Ischemic Stroke

    The nervous system is thought to play an important role in the pathophysiology of psoriasis. A case of a patient with psoriasis who experienced...

  • Case Reports

    Cutaneous Gummatous Tuberculosis in a Kidney Transplant Patient

    Transplant patients are at increased risk for infection given their immunosuppressed state. Although rare, cutaneous tuberculosis should be...

Original Research

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Skin of Color

Practical Pearls

  • Practical Pearls

    Nail Psoriasis Tips

    Patients commonly believe nail psoriasis is synonymous with fungal infection; therefore, proper counseling and accurate diagnosis is required...

Residents’ Corner

Case Letter