Jan 2019
Vol. 103
No. 1


Case Reports

  • Case Reports

    En Coup de Sabre

    En coup de sabre (ECDS) is a rare form of localized scleroderma that typically manifests in children and women. It presents as a fibrous...

  • Case Reports

    Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis

    Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis (IGM) is a rare, poorly understood condition that presents as inflammatory nodules of the breast. It is often...

  • Case Reports

    Necrobiosis Lipoidica With Superimposed Pyoderma Vegetans

    Necrobiosis lipoidica (NL) is a granulomatous inflammatory skin disease strongly associated with diabetes mellitus (DM). Red-brown papules...

Photo Challenge

Dermpath Diagnosis

  • Dermpath Diagnosis

    Solitary Nodule on the Thigh

    A 17-year-old adolescent girl presented with a discrete nodule on the thigh.

Pediatric Dermatology

  • Pediatric Dermatology

    Pediatric Warts: Update on Interventions

    Warts are superficial viral infections of the skin that are extremely common in children. The infection usually lasts more than 1 year and can be...

Environmental Dermatology

  • Environmental Dermatology

    What’s Eating You? Bedbugs

    Bedbugs are a known household scourge that also have become an increasing problem in the corporate space. These pests have adapted to the office...

Military Dermatology

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