Oct 2017
Vol. 16
No. 10

Evidence-Based Reviews

From the Editor

Out Of The Pipeline

  • Out Of The Pipeline

    Deutetrabenazine for tardive dyskinesia

    Compared with first-generation antipsychotics, second-generation antipsychotics (SGAs) have a lower risk for extrapyramidal symptoms. Yet tardive...

Savvy Psychopharmacology

Cases That Test Your Skills

  • Cases That Test Your Skills

    The girl who couldn’t stop stealing

    Ms. B, age 14, has diagnoses of attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder and oppositional defiant disorder, and is taking extended-release...


  • Pearls

    What to do after a patient assaults you

    Physical assaults by patients are an occupational hazard of practicing medicine. Assaults can happen in any clinical setting, occur unexpectedly,...


  • Commentary

    Physician impairment

    Most physicians are likely familiar with guidelines relating to physician impairment, but they may not be aware that these guidelines typically...

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