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What is Fast Track?

OBG MANAGEMENT is the only publication in the specialty that addresses patient care and practice management under one cover. It offers timely, evidence-based insights into the myriad clinical, surgical technique, medicolegal, and practice-management issues faced by today’s obstetricians and gynecologists and all women’s health care practitioners.

Working in concert with an editorial staff that is well versed in women’s health issues, expert physicians discuss their approaches to clinical care and provide in-depth analyses of diagnostic and treatment scenarios—information that you can immediately apply to practice.

Regular columns such as “Examining the Evidence,” “Reimbursement Adviser,” “Update,” “Stop/Start,” “Professional Liability,” and others keep you up to speed on clinical developments and help you thrive in today’s health care climate. Our “Medical Verdicts”—brief overviews of legal cases stemming from a patient’s challenge of an Ob/Gyn’s care—is among the publication’s best-read features.

Our Mission

The mission of OBG MANAGEMENT and obgmanagement.com is to enhance the quality of women’s health care and the professional development of ObGyns and all women’s health-care practitioners.

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Board of Editors

OBG MANAGEMENT's Board of Editors are distinguished Ob/Gyns and women’s health care practitioners representing every area of expertise within the specialty. They help us keep a pulse on the profession. Reader surveys and article pretests also are conducted at regular intervals to further ensure that OBG MANAGEMENT is meeting your needs.

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Target Audience

We report on new and existing obstetric and gynecologic procedures, treatments, and surgical techniques; present physicians' evidence-based approaches to treatment and diagnostic scenarios and address the clinical applicability of those approaches; analyze the underlying clinical, practice-management, and medicolegal implications behind obstetric and gynecologic care and services; detail changes in coding and Medicare guidelines and review commonly used CPT and ICD-9 codes to help Ob/Gyns get their due reimbursement; publish responsible viewpoints and counterarguments that are firmly based both in the evidence and in clinical experience; and alert Ob/Gyns to innovations in equipment, instruments, and supplies that could lead to changes in the way they practice.

Our target audience includes Ob/Gyns, reproductive endocrinologists, gynecologic oncologists, and maternal/fetal medicine specialists, as well as residents in these specialties and osteopathic physicians and residents who practice obstetrics and gynecology. Our circulation also includes women's health focused nurse practitioners and primary care physicians.

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is a system to enable you as a reader to move quickly through each issue of OBG MANAGEMENT, identifying articles or sections of articles to read in depth. Our hallmark is high quality, evidence-based content. But we know that all readers are not at the same level of knowledge or interest in a given topic. Hence Fast Track, to give you the opportunity to select what you value most while conserving your time.


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