May 2019
Vol. 86
No. 5

From the Editor

1-Minute Consult


Symptoms to Diagnosis

The Clinical Picture

  • The Clinical Picture

    Dabigatran-induced esophagitis

    The tablets contain tartaric acid, and if they get stuck in the esophagus, the acid leaching out can damage the mucosa.

Letters To The Editor

  • Letters To The Editor

    Human papillomavirus

    I am struggling to provide data to educate the patient on the efficacy of the HPV vaccine.

  • Letters To The Editor

    In reply: Human papillomavirus

    Effective education can be achieved by focusing on the personal risks of HPV to the patient, as well as the overall favorable risk vs benefits of...

  • Letters To The Editor

    In reply: Aleukemic leukemia cutis

    The findings were consistent with leukemic cells with monocytic differentiation.