May 2018
Vol. 85
No. 5

From the Editor

  • From the Editor

    The algorithm less traveled

    At Bellevue, the RPR was a routine test; at the University of Pennsylvania, not so much—it all depends on context.


1-Minute Consult


Medical Grand Rounds

The Clinical Picture

  • The Clinical Picture

    Eyes of the mimicker

    A 42-year-old man presented with intermittent fevers, rigors, headache, and myalgia, and now, one-sided vision loss.

Letters To The Editor

  • Letters To The Editor

    Cardiorenal syndrome

    Faced with a rising serum creatinine in a heart failure patient, I suggest looking for causes other cardiorenal syndrome, continuing diuretics,...

  • Letters To The Editor

    In reply: Cardiorenal syndrome

    The clinical importance of this entity and the challenge it poses to clinicians cannot be overemphasized.