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Synthetic legal intoxicating drugs

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To the Editor: I greatly appreciate the well-presented article by Drs. Jerry, Collins, and Streem in your April 2012 issue. 1

As a specialist in integrative addiction medicine, I have had first-hand experience with many of the medical concerns described by the authors, and I expect to learn more about optimal management strategies as we learn more as a profession.

The lone case report cited in the article suggests a relatively short time to onset of seizure of 30 minutes following intentional ingestion of synthetic cannabinoids (JWH-018). 2

In the residential treatment (“rehab”) setting where I work, I am seeing a latency to seizure onset of 24 to 72 hours with patients reporting use of synthetic cannabinoids.

Given this experience to date, I have two questions for the authors regarding new-onset seizures.

Are the authors aware of this trend in patients who present to non-emergency-department treatment settings such as residential treatment facilities? And in these cases, what if any recommendations would the authors make regarding seizure prophylaxis in patients with no history of seizure?

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