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Correction: Newer modes of mechanical ventilation


Figure 2. A machine in adaptive pressure control mode (top) adjusts the inspiratory pressure to maintain a set tidal volume. Adaptive support ventilation (bottom) automatically selects the appropriate tidal volume and frequency for mandatory breaths and the appropriate tidal volume for spontaneous breaths on the basis of the respiratory system mechanics and the target minute ventilation.

A mistake appeared in Figure 2 on page 418 in the July issue of the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine (Mireles-Cabodevila E, Diaz-Guzman E, Heresi GA, Chatburn RL. Alternative modes of mechanical ventilation: A review for the hospitalist. Cleve Clin J Med 2009; 76:417–430). The graph of the parameters in adaptive support ventilation incorrectly states, “Target tidal volume set by operator.” It should say, “Target tidal volume set by the ventilator.” The corrected figure is shown.

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