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A medical center is not a hospital: More letters

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General internal medicine is extinct

To the Editor: General internal medicine has become extinct. Its practitioners have been pushed out of their leadership roles, have been pushed from clinical practice due to red tape and impediments of frustration, and have been marginalized by specialties and subspecialties, our so-called brethren. Only through revolutionary metamorphosis such as clinical homes or other unique systems by which primary care is delivered at high-quality levels such as MDVIP can general internal medicine survive.

Hospitalists are not general internists. Family practitioners are not general internists. Nurse practitioners are not general internists. And certainly none of the subspecialists are general internists. We must forge a new identity and role in the health care system because our previous identity has been destroyed.

Without our unique ability to temper high tech with clinical judgment, our system fails on quality and cost.

The article by Dr. Lansdale was more eloquent than I could express, but I believe the words written above are more accurate and to the point.

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