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The good old days weren't that good

To the Editor: Dr. Lansdale's stroll down memory lane reminiscing about the “good old days” brought back lots of memories (I graduated from medical school 10 years before Dr. Lansdale) but is of absolutely no help with today's medical challenges…

…Most of the physicians working in the trenches today did not set our current health care policies, and most of us will not change them either. That will only come from those we elect to go to Washington. I can vote responsibly, but I would not be very good in Washington. Until things change, it is my responsibility to learn the rules of engagement and care for my patients the best I can within the system we have. Like the waiter in the restaurant, I didn't set the table, I'm just trying to clean up the mess. Today's medical students and residents don't want to or will not work the hours we did 20 or 30 years ago, and I don't blame them. Maybe they will have a lower divorce rate, live longer, and practice medicine longer than our current retiring physicians…

…Dr. Lansdale worries about infection in the hospital, where handwashing between patients is abysmal. I can't do anything about my peers' handwashing habits, but I can wash my own hands. Don't like retrospective review for quality measures? We all know what is best for CHF and AMI patients, but studies show that less than 50% of our patients get the care we know is best. Physicians have always done a better job when somebody is watching. More oversight is coming. Get used to it…

…I am a hospital guy. As long as patients, medical students, and residents need me, I'll be a hospital guy.

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A medical center is not a hospital: More letters

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