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I was never a hospital guy

To the Editor : …Up until this year, I took care of patients both in and out of the hospital, but this year I succumbed to the distinct yet subtle pressures at my hospital and turned over my inpatients to the hospitalists. We have a fine, conscientious group of hospitalists. Nevertheless, the transfer of care of my patients back to the community is suffering terribly from what it was when I was treating patients in both hospital and office. Despite the hospitalists’ best efforts to dictate, copy med lists, and review situations with the patients, the patients arrive in my office confused, taking medicines incorrectly, and with no idea of what happened to them. I was crushed with the first few. Never mind the load of guilt they all presented me with for abandoning them. It was not in words, but in their eyes. “How could you leave me to them?” was the question in their eyes. I had no answer.

Maybe I’ll get used to it after a while. My days are certainly more ordered. I am now more “efficient”…

…Dr. Mandell asked for solutions. I have a couple of suggestions. Put the medical students out in the offices. But put them with good doctors, practicing state-of-the-art medicine and happy with what they are doing…

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A medical center is not a hospital: More letters

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