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The perfect is the enemy of the good

To the Editor: My initial impression is sadness—sad that a dedicated physician should feel this way about his career. I’m not an internist, but rather a cardiac and transplant pathologist and member of the editorial board of the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine and recently retired from Cleveland Clinic. Two days ago, at a social event, a grandmother approached me and told me with pride that her son was doing well in pre-med and was interested in oncology. She asked for my thoughts. I told her that I had had a great career, that I thought medicine was terrific, always stimulating and exciting, as well as demanding, and that I was well compensated. I still feel that way. I sympathize with Dr. Lansdale but wish he had taken to heart the message from Future Shock , ie, that the current rate of change is far faster than it has ever been, and that the rate of change is constantly accelerating…

…I’d like to end with another thought: the perfect is the enemy of the good. I found medicine to be a great career, and I’m afraid that too many physicians are dissatisfied because it isn’t perfect.

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A medical center is not a hospital: More letters

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