Research in Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic

Author and Disclosure Information


THIS report concerns research conducted by our staff surgeons outside of their regular clinical practice. This research is scheduled separately from that of the Cleveland Clinic's Division of Research, which is staffed entirely by full-time research specialists. The Division of Research has achieved distinction for basic contributions to our understanding of hypertension, atherosclerosis, brain chemistry, and related fields.1 The research specialists engage in program research. None of the members of the Division of Research is a surgeon, but the animal laboratories and other facilities of that Division are made available to any of our surgeons who wish to develop or to investigate a worthy idea.

Project Research

In contrast to the program research in hypertension and atherosclerosis, which features fundamental problems and investigations, surgical research is largely developmental and clinical, and when it utilizes the facilities of the Division of Research it becomes known as project research. A surgeon with a problem to investigate, presents it to a committee of the staff, the Research Projects Committee. If the project is approved, animals and other facilities are provided, time is allotted, and funds are allocated to cover the expense. Much of the financing is from funds of our own Foundation, and they in turn derive from the fees earned by the working clinicians. Progress reports on these projects are submitted periodically, and, hopefully, progress results. Since most of our staff surgeons are able to devote scarcely more than half a day per week to such activities, and since with some it. . .



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