Fifty Per Cent Urokon Sodium* as an Intravenous Urographic Contrast Medium

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INTRAVENOUS urography is a safe, relatively simple procedure that offers much valuable information about the form and the functioning of the urinary tract and its neighboring structures. For these reasons it frequently is employed as a diagnostic measure. Although several commercially available contrast media give good visualization of the urinary tract and cause few postinjection reactions, new preparations constantly are being sought which will improve visualization and further decrease the likelihood of untoward reactions.

The medium that we have been testing, Urokon sodium (sodium 3-acetylamino-2,4,6-triiodobenzoate), is a brand of sodium acetrizoate. The dry salt is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water. Urokon sodium has been thoroughly investigated both as a 30 per cent and as a 70 per cent solution and has been found to be satisfactory as a contrast medium. It now is commercially available as a 50 per cent solution. Because of the higher concentration of iodine, visualization of the urinary tract should be better than with the 30 per cent solution. Fifty per cent Urokon contains 65.8 per cent iodine by weight, which is more iodine than is in Hypaque (59.8 per cent), in Diodrast (48.9 per cent), or in NeoIopax (51.5 per cent).


A series of 250 consecutive ambulatory outpatients were used in this study. There were 147 males and 103 females who were from 11 to 80 years of age and from 76 to 305 pounds in weight.

A urogram survey sheet was made out for each patient who was sent. . .



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