Managing Atrial Fibrillation

Focus on nonpharmacologic strategies


Supplement Editor:
Roger M. Mills, MD


Beyond drugs alone: Pacing, ablation, and surgery for atrial fibrillation
R.M. Mills, MD, MPH

Basic mechanisms of atrial fibrillation
D.R. Van Wagoner, PhD

Current clinical issues in atrial fibrillation
M.K. Chung, MD

Approaches to restoring and maintaining normal sinus rhythm
I. Pharmacologic management: Often insufficient, but still first-line
D.O. Martin, MD, MPH

II. Pacing and devices: Progress toward a preventive role
W. Saliba, MD

III. Surgical approaches: At the 'tipping point'
P.M. McCarthy, MD, and A.M. Gillinov, MD

IV. Catheter ablation: A less invasive path to potential cure
W. Belden, MD; N.F. Marrouche, MD; and A. Natale, MD

Managing chronic atrial fibrillation: Strategies to control symptoms and prevent embolism
D.O. Martin, MD, MPH

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