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Correction: Liver enzymes


In the article by Agganis B, Lee D, Sepe T ( Liver enzymes: No trivial elevations, even if asymptomatic . Cleve Clin J Med 2018; 85(8):612โ€“617, doi:10.3949/ccjm.85a.17103), an error occurred on page 613, in the second paragraph in the section about alcohol intake. The words ALT and AST were reversed. The paragraph should read as follows:

The exact pathogenesis of alcoholic hepatitis is incompletely understood, but alcohol is primarily metabolized by the liver, and damage likely occurs during metabolism of the ingested alcohol. AST elevations tend to be higher than ALT elevations; the reason is ascribed to hepatic deficiency of pyridoxal 5ยด-phosphate, a cofactor of the enzymatic activity of ALT, which leads to a lesser increase in ALT than in AST.

We thank Avinash Alexander, MD, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, for calling this to our attention. The correction has been made online.

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