Special Issue: Women's Health


Guest Editors:
Gurjit Kaur, DO, and Holly L. Thacker, MD


Recognizing and intervening in intimate partner violence
Gurjit Kaur, DO, and Linda Herbert, LISW

New cervical cancer screening strategy: Combined Pap and HPV testing
Xian Wen Jin, MD, PhD; Kristine Zanotti, MD; and Belinda Yen-Lieberman, PhD

Cardiovascular problems and pregnancy: An approach to management
Samuel Siu, MD, and Jack M. Colman, MD

Treatment options for menopausal hot flashes
Andrea Sikon, MD, and Holly L. Thacker, MD

Shared medical appointments: Increasing patient access without increasing physician hours
David L. Bronson, MD, and Richard A. Maxwell, MD

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: A review for the treating practitioner
Gurjit Kaur, DO; Lilian Gonsalves, MD; and Holly L. Thacker, MD

Update on contraception: Benefits and risks of the new formulations
Pelin Batur, MD; Julie Elder, DO; and Mark Mayer, MD

DXA scanning to diagnose osteoporosis: Do you know what the results mean?
Bradford Richmond, MD

Culture, race, and disparities in health care
Charles S. Modlin, MD

Physician cultural competence: Cross-cultural communication improves care
Anita D. Misra-Hebert, MD

What are the key issues women face when ending hormone therapy?
Wulf H. Utian, MD, BCH, PhD

Vertebral compression fractures: Manage aggressively to prevent sequelae
Daniel J. Mazanec, MD; Alex Mompoint, MD; Vinod K. Podichetty, MD; and Amarish Potnis, MD

The HIP trial: Risedronate prevents hip fractures, but who should get therapy?
Chad L. Deal, MD

Discussing breast cancer and hormone therapy with women
Pelin Batur, MD; Holly L. Thacker, MD; and Halle C.F. Moore, MD

The case for hormone therapy: New studies that should inform the debate
Holly L. Thacker, MD

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