Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Perioperative Medicine Summit


Supplement Co-Editors and Summit Co-Directors:
Amir K. Jaffer, MD, and Franklin A. Michota, Jr., MD

Summit Co-Directors:
Angela M. Bader, MD, and Raymond Borkowski, MD


Summit Faculty

Summit Program

IMPACT Consults

Does elevated blood pressure at the time of surgery increase perioperative cardiac risk?
Collin Kroen, MD

When is it appropriate to stop antiplatelet therapy in a patient with a drug-eluting stent prior to noncardiac surgery?
Anitha Rajamanickam, MD; Vaishali Singh, MD, MPH, MBA; and Ashish Aneja, MD

Should statins be discontinued preoperatively?
Paul J. Grant, MD, and Navin Kedia, DO

What is the appropriate means of perioperative risk assessment for patients with cirrhosis?
Brian Harte, MD

Who is at risk for developing acute renal failure after surgery?
Vesselin Dimov, MD; Ali Usmani, MD; Saira Noor, MD; and Ajay Kumar, MD

Why treat anemia in the preoperative period of joint replacement surgery with erythropoietin?
Ajay Kumar, MD, and Vesselin Dimov, MD

Obstructive sleep apnea: What to do in the surgical patient?
Roop Kaw, MD, and Joseph Golish, MD

What is the optimal venous thromboembolism prophylaxis for patients undergoing bariatric surgery?
David V. Gugliotti, MD

Do hip fractures need to be repaired withing 24 hours of injury?
Christopher M. Whinney, MD

Is postoperative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing noncardiothoracic surgery an important problem?
Ashish Aneja, MD, and Wassim H. Fares, MD

How can postoperative ileus be prevented and treated?
Vaishali Singh, MD, MPH, MBA


Oral Abstracts

Is discontinuation of antiplatelet therapy after 6 months safe in patients with drug-eluting stents undergoing noncardiac surgery?
Mihir Bakhru, Wael Saber, Daniel Brotman, Deepak Bhatt, Ashish Aneja, Katherina Tillan-Martinez, and Amir Jaffer

Initiating a preoperative cardiac risk assessment quality improvement program: The hurdles to changing traditional paradigms
Eric Hixson, Karl McCleary, Vikram Kashyap, Vaishali Singh, Brian Harte, Ashish Aneja, Brian Parker, Raymond Borkowski, Walter Maurer, Venkatesh Krishnamurthi, Sue Vitagliano, Jacqueline Matthews, Linda Vopat, Michael Henderson, and Amir Jaffer

Impact of a preoperative medical clinic on operating room cancellation rates in orthopedic surgery
Peter Kallas, Anjali Desai, and Jeanette Bauer

Poster Abstracts

Innovations in Perioperative Medicine

Abstract 1: Best safety practices to prevent postoperative myocardial infarction

Abstract 2: Blog web site as a new educational and promotional medium in perioperative medicine

Abstract 3: Development of a validated questionnaire: The satisfaction with general anesthesia scale

Abstract 4: Perioperative medicine and pain: A required advanced core clerkship for third-year medical students

Abstract 5: Optimal administration of perioperative antibiotics using system redesign

Abstract 6: Blood conservation protocol with erythropoietin in the preoperative period of joint replacement surgery

Abstract 7: Evolution of the nurse practitioner (NP) role in the Center for Preoperative Evaluation (CPE) at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Abstract 8: Development and implementation of a web site for the Center for Preoperative Evaluation (CPE)

Abstract 9: Patient education tool for the preoperative process and the role of the medical consultant

Abstract 10: The internal medicine perioperative assessment center: An innovation in the perioperative management of medical comorbidities at a comprehensive cancer center

Abstract 11: PAC collaborative practice model

Abstract 12: Development and implementation of beta-blocker recommendation

Abstract 13: Development of pre-procedure consult services

Perioperative Clinical Vignettes

Abstract 14: Isolated left bundle branch block in a patient undergoing elective noncardiac surgery

Abstract 15: Avoiding delirium

Abstract 16: Cardiac sarcoma—the role of multimodality cardiovascular imaging

Abstract 17: Asymptomatic bacteriuria before nonprosthetic joint surgery

Abstract 18: Negative T waves on the preoperative electrocardiogram—a cause for worry?

Abstract 19: Preoperative hypokalemia

Abstract 20: Preoperative evaluation can aid in the diagnosis of CAD and risk assessment and management

Research in Perioperative Medicine

Abstract 21: Needs analysis for the development of a preoperative clinic protocol for perioperative beta-blockade

Abstract 22: Improving efficiency in a preoperative clinic

Abstract 23: Formalized preoperative assessment for noncardiac surgery at a large tertiary care medical center leads to higher rates of perioperative beta-blocker use

Abstract 24: Insulin errors in hospitalized patients

Abstract 25: A survey of perioperative beta-blockade at a comprehensive cancer center

Abstract 26: Risk factors for long-term mortality among heart failure patients after elective major noncardiac surgery

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