Breast Cancer Surgery and Breast Reconstruction

What the options are, what your patients need to know


Supplement Editor:
Risal Djohan, MD

Associate Editors:
James E. Zins, MD; David K. Rolston, MD; and Robert Hermann, MD


Trends in breast cancer screening and diagnosis
Alice Rim, MD; Melanie Chellman-Jeffers, MD; and Alicia Fanning, MD

Overview of breast cancer staging and surgical treatment options
Clarisa Hammer, DO; Alicia Fanning, MD; and Joseph Crowe, MD

Breast reconstruction options following mastectomy
Risal Djohan, MD; Earl Gage, MD; and Steven Bernard, MD

Reconstruction options following breast conservation therapy
Samara Churgin, MD; Raymond Isakov, MD; and Randall Yetman, MD

Options and considerations in the timing of breast reconstruction after mastectomy
Preya Ananthakrishnan, MD, and Armand Lucas, MD

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