Proceedings of the 2009 Heart-Brain Summit


Supplement Editor:
Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD


Introduction: Heart-brain medicine: Update 2009
Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD, and Earl E. Bakken, MD (HonC), DSc (3 Hon), DHL (2 Hon)

Depression and Heart Disease

Depression and heart failure: An overview of what we know and don't know
Marc A. Silver, MD

The American Heart Association science advisory on depression and coronary heart disease: An exploration of the issues raised
J. Thomas Bigger, MD, and Alexander H. Glassman, MD

Depression and cardiovascular disease: Selected findings, controversies, and clinical implications from 2009
Karina W. Davidson, PhD, and Maya Rom Korin, PhD

Pioneer Lecture

Recovery of consciousness after severe brain injury: The role of arousal regulation mechanisms and some speculation on the heart-brain interface
Nicholas D. Schiff, MD

Heart-Brain Medicine Publications: The Year in Review

Neuroscience and heart-brain medicine: The year in review
David S. Goldstein, MD, PhD

Pathophysiologic mechanisms linking impaired cardiovascular health and neurologic dysfunction: The year in review
Ki E. Park, MD, and Carl J. Pepine, MD

Biomedical engineering in heart-brain medicine: A review
Peter G. Katona, ScD

Novel Findings in Heart-Brain Medicine

Sudden death in epilepsy, surgery, and seizure outcomes: The interface between heart and brain
Lara Jehi, MD

Biofeedback in the Treatment of Disease

Biofeedback in the treatment of heart failure
Michael G. McKee, PhD, and Christine S. Moravec, PhD

Biofeedback in the treatment of epilepsy
M. Barry Sterman, PhD

The effects of biofeedback in diabetes and essential hypertension
Angele McGrady, PhD, MEd, LPCC

Biofeedback in headache: An overview of approaches and evidence
Frank Andrasik, PhD

Device-Based Therapies

Use of deep brain stimulation in treatment-resistant depression
Donald A. Malone, Jr, MD

Poster Abstracts

Abstract 1: Potential role of the cardiac protease corin in energy metabolism
Jingjing Jiang, Yujie Cui, Wei Wang, and Qingyu Wu

Abstract 2: Anxiety and type D personality in ICD patients: Impact of shocks
Mina K. Chung, MD; Melanie Panko, RN; Tina Gupta; Scott Bea, PhD; Karen Broer, PhD; Diana Bauer; Denise Kosty-Sweeney, RN; Betty Ching, RN; Suzanne Pedersen, PhD; Sam Sears, PhD; and Leo Pozuelo, MD

Abstract 3: Microglia activation and neuroprotection during CNS preconditioning
Walid Jalabi, Ranjan Dutta, Yongming Jin, Gerson Criste, Xinghua Yin, Grahame J. Kidd, and Bruce D. Trapp

Abstract 4: Brain MRI correlates of atrial fibrillation
Stephen E. Jones, MD, PhD; Thomas Callahan, MD; Kamal Chémali, MD; Michael Phillips, MD; David Van Wagoner, PhD; and Walid Saliba, MD

Abstract 5: Identification and characterization of autonomic dysfunction in migraineurs with and without auras: Phase I
Mark Stillman, MD

Abstract 6: Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Finding the missing cardiac links
Lara Jehi, MD; Kanjana Unnongswe, MD; Thomas Callahan, MD; Liang Li, PhD; and Imad Najm, MD

Abstract 7: Cardiomyopathy after subarachnoid hemorrhage is mediated by neutrophils
J. Javier Provencio, Shari Moore, and Saksith Smithason

Abstract 8: Mindfulness, yoga, and cardiovascular disease
Didier Allexandre, Emily Fox, Mladen Golubic, Tom Morledge, and Joan E.B. Fox

Abstract 9: Multidisciplinary research in biofeedback
Christine S. Moravec, PhD; Michael G. McKee, PhD; James B. Young, MD; Betul Hatipoglu, MD; Leopoldo Pozuelo, MD; Leslie Cho, MD; Gordon Blackburn, MD; Francois Bethoux, MD; Mary Rensel, MD; Katherine Hoercher, RN; J. Javier Provencio, MD; and Marc S. Penn, MD

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