Hospitals showed less concern over ACA in 2014 than 2013



While reimbursement cuts related to the Affordable Care Act remain the most pressing issue hospitals expect to face in 2015, other trends are receiving more attention, according to a survey from health care improvement company Premier Inc.

While just over 35% of hospitals felt that ACA-related reimbursements cuts would impact them most in the next year, this is down from this time in 2013, when 47% of hospitals considered it the most important issue. New care delivery models were the most important concern for 17% of hospitals this year, up from only 10% in fall 2012. Health system consolidation and uncompensated care also became more important to hospitals, according to the survey.

Fewer hospitals are listing ACA compliance as the biggest driver of health care cost; 23% of hospitals cite it as their biggest issue, but this is down from a high of 36% in the spring of 2012. Labor costs are another very significant concern, with 20% of hospitals considering it their biggest driver of costs, Premier reported.

Premiere is an alliance of 3,400 hospitals and 110,000 other providers. The company’s fall 2014 Economic Outlook survey involved 332 hospitals and health systems from 42 states.

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