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ACS accepting applications for Clowes Award



The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is accepting applications for the George H.A. Clowes, Jr., MD, FACS, Memorial Research Career Development Award. This award, offered through the generosity of The Clowes Fund, of Indianapolis, IN, is intended to provide support for the research of a promising young surgical investigator. The award consists of a stipend of $45,000 for each of five years and is not renewable thereafter. Applications are due August 1, 2014. General requirements General policies concerning the granting of the George H.A. Clowes, Jr., MD, FACS, Memorial Research Career Development Award are as follows:

• The award is restricted to a Fellow or an Associate Fellow of the ACS who has completed an accredited residency in general surgery within the preceding seven years and has received a full-time faculty appointment at a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in the U.S. or by the Committee for Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools. The applicant’s academic appointment may not be above the level of assistant professor. Applicants should provide evidence, by publication or otherwise, of productive initial efforts in laboratory research.

• The award may be used for salary support or other purposes at the discretion of the recipient and the institution. Indirect costs are not paid to the recipient or to the recipient’s institution.

• The ACS Scholarships Committee will look preferentially upon applicants who have received investigator-initiated, peer-reviewed, federally funded research awards (for example, National Institutes of Health [NIH] R01/K08/ K23, Veterans Affairs Merit Review, and Canadian Institutes of Health Research grants). The committee will not consider applicants who have already received research career development awards from professional societies. The recipient must notify the College’s Scholarships Administrator to request approval if another source of scholarship or fellowship funding is received.

• Approval of the application is required from the administration (dean or fiscal officer) and the head of the applicant’s department or administrative unit. This approval includes a commitment to continuation of the academic position and facilities for research throughout the entire period of the award. In addition, assurance must be provided that at least 50 percent of the applicant’s time will be spent conducting the research proposed in the application. This percentage may run concurrently with the time requirements of NIH or other accepted funding.

• The applicant must submit, in addition to the application form, an NIH-style biosketch, a detailed research plan of up to eight pages in length, and propose a budget for the five-year period of the award. The applicant also must to submit a cover letter of no more than one page describing personal career objectives, how these career objectives will be achieved, and how the research protocol furthers the applicant’s career development. The Scholarships Committee requires an annual narrative progress report from the recipient on which annual renewal of the award is based.

While holding the award, the recipient is required to attend the ACS Clinical Congress in 2016, 2018, and 2020 and present reports to the Scholarships Committee and its guests.

• Upon completion of the five-year funding period, the recipient will be required to submit a final report summarizing research progress and providing information regarding current academic rank, sources of research support, and future plans. The recipient also is required to apply to the Surgical Forum at the conclusion of the award period. The closing date for receipt of completed applications and all related documents is August 1, 2014.

The application form may be accessed at

Additional documents and questions are to be directed to theScholarships Administrator at

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