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Now available: Seventh report on physicians as assistants at surgery


The American College of Surgeons, in collaboration with 15 other surgical specialty societies jointly published and released the seventh edition of Physicians as Assistants at Surgery, a report available at that provides guidance on how often an operation might require the use of a physician as an assistant. This report reflects the most recent clinical practices, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and third-party payors frequently use it to determine payment for assistants at surgery.

To compile the report, each participating organization reviewed Current Procedural Terminology (CPT TM) codes applicable to its specialty and indicated whether the operation requires the use of a physician as an assistant at surgery almost always, almost never, or some of the time. View the terminology at The new report adds 107 CPT codes that were introduced since the last report was issued in 2011, and several other revised codes from the 2011 report.

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