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IOM’s Best Care at Lower Cost reviews U.S. health care challenges


Best Care at Lower Cost is the Institute of Medicine’s most comprehensive look at the nation’s health care issues and challenges since the Quality Chasm series of a dozen years ago. In this report, the IOM not only updates insights on the quality of care, but also chronicles and underscores the challenges of health care’s growing complexity, cost, and waste, identifying some $750 billion in unnecessary expenditures annually and reviewing the opportunities for continuous learning and improvement. Achieving higher quality care at lower cost will require an across-the-board commitment to transform the U.S. health care system into a "\"learning" system that continuously improves by systematically capturing and broadly disseminating lessons from every care experience and new research discovery. With practical reference to proven approaches, the committee’s recommendations speak to the many stakeholders in the health care system and outline the concerted actions necessary across all sectors to achieve the needed transformation. Acting on the insights in this volume will improve care quality, the patient experience, health care outcomes, and lower costs. For more information on Best Care at Lower Cost, go to the IOM’s website at, or view the Clinicians-focused brief at

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