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2013 COT Residents Trauma Papers Competition winners announced


The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS COT) announced the 15 winners of the 36th annual Residents Trauma Papers Competition at its March 21-23 meeting in San Diego, CA. Each winner received a $500 prize, with an additional $500 awarded to the second-place winners in each category, and an extra $1,000 to the two first-place winners.

The competition is open to surgical residents and trauma fellows. Submissions describe original research in the area of trauma care and/or prevention in one of two categories: basic laboratory research or clinical investigation. The Eastern and Western States COTs, Region 7 (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska) and the ACS are funding the competition.

From left: Michael F. Rotondo, MD, FACS, Chair of the ACS COT; winning presenters Drs. Hampton, Ali, Long, Turnbull, and Zargaran; and Dr. Coimbra.

Submissions begin at the state or provincial level, and winners are then judged at regional competitions. Each region is then eligible to submit two abstracts to a panel of COT judges, who make the final selection for presentation at the Scientific Session of the COT meeting. This year, Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD, FACS, San Diego, CA, Vice-Chair of the COT and Chair of the COT Regional Committees, moderated the session.

The surgical residents and trauma fellows who presented are listed in the sidebar on page 81.

The 2013 final winners are as follows (see photo, this page):

First Place, Basic Laboratory Research: Abubaker A. Ali, MD, Dearborn, MI (Region 5): The Stress Hormone Epinephrine Increases IgA Transport across Respiratory Epithelial Cells

First Place, Clinical Investigation: Eiman Zargaran, MD, Vancouver, BC (Region 11): Development and Evaluation of an Electronic Trauma Health Record to Support Trauma Care and Population-Based Injury Surveillance in Low-Resource Settings

Second Place, Basic Laboratory Research (tied): Kristin L. Long, MD, Lexington, KY, (Region 4): Fresh Red Blood Cells Mitigate Human T-Cell Suppression Seen with Stored Blood Bank Red Cells

Second Place, Basic Laboratory Research (tied): Isaiah R. Turnbull, MD, PhD, St. Louis, MO (Region 7): Severe Multisystem Injury Alters Immune Cell Expression of TLR-4 in a Novel Mouse Model of Adult Trauma

Second Place, Clinical Investigation: David A. Hampton, MD, MEng, Portland, OR (Region 10): Cryopreserved Red Blood Cells Are Superior to Standard Liquid Blood Cells

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