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Updated Surgical Workforce Maps Available


The ACS Health Policy Research Institute (HPRI) has released updated maps that illustrate the distribution of surgeons and general surgeons per 100,000 population across the U.S. in 2006 and 2011. To access the HPRI website, go to

The maps track the "absolute" and "percentage" change in surgeons per population for the same period. The data are reflective of all 3,107 counties in the United States. Similar maps for surgical subspecialties will be added this year.

Thomas C. Ricketts, III, PhD, MPH, Managing Director of the ACS HPRI, and other HPRI staff also are working to distribute an updated Surgery Workforce Atlas – a web-based set of maps that shows, county-by-county and state-by-state, where shortages of surgeons and other physicians threaten patient access to high-quality, affordable care. To obtain more information about the Surgery Workforce Atlas, go to

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